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Re: Wood stoves

AO> has anyone tried the wood-burning stoves that are out?  i'm curious as to how
>> they work as compared to the whisperlite-type stoves.  i think it would be
>> great to go fuel free but worry about things like soggy twigs, etc.  if
>> anyone has had good/bad experiences with one, please let me know. 

Pooombah (Alisa O'Hara), 
Such a stove would be excellent on the AT. I have and use one, I carry ,sealed, a few 
fuzz sticks and fire starter to light. Just don't make the mistake I did, getting one from a 
furniture store.  Being cast iron, it's very big and heavy, hard to rig and carry! Have to 
put my camping gear in it,  and can only hike about 2 miles a day!  So, if you get one, 
make sure it's little, like a ZIP.  A few drawbacks to even a little one, you have to feed it 
fuel constantly, ie, take a pot off, feed, put pot back on, etc. Also, if the  weather is 
bad(raining) and your in a shelter(especially with other hikers) they AREN'T going to 
appreciate all the smoke! Ditto with smoke and fire danger, if you try cooking inside a