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AT to AL

      I'm new to the mailing list as of about a week or so ago.  My name 
is Jay Hudson, I'm 27 years old, and currently a Ph.D student at Auburn 
University.  I have high aspirations to someday thru-hike the AT.  I 
know the insights gained from this mailing list will help my aprirations 
become reality.  
   I am a member of the Alabama Trails Association, which was formed for 
the single goal of connecting Alabama to the AT.  We, in the mountains 
of east Alabama, have a 100 mile long trail known as the Pinhoti.  Our goal is
to link the AT in North Georgia, around Springer, to the Pinhoti and extend 
the AT some 250 miles into Alabama, the true southern end of the Appalachians.
I would like to know anyone's feelings, ideas, suggestions, etc. on this
endeavor.  We are currently about 5 miles from the Georgia line, near 
Cedartown, GA, working northward.  There is an article detailing the tentative
path posted on the AT home page.  If interested, you can view it at:


  I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding 
the AT to AL project.  Thanks!

Jay Hudson