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Re: Youth Hostel

>So to some extent it may be important to enforce rules, if they
>	provide too much latitude, they will get abused by too many people.

Hi Ron !

Yes, I agree with you, sometimes rules are important. This is shame, but
since a few idiots can destroy great places like Rustys I have to admit that
we need rules. But then these rules have to be for everybody.

In the case of Harry and Jean this wasn't the case. On the night we arrived
there Softshoe and Mr.MoJo (on their way to Georgia from PA) asked them to
camp in their backyard for a few bucks. They were out of money and the banks
were closed. Jean sent them away to a campground five miles away. Not very
pleasent after a full day of hiking. But o.k., if that's their rule. But the
next night she let two other hikers use their tent in the yard. I just think
that's not fair.

I heard a lot about what Harry did for the A.T. and I highly regard him for
that. But after being a thru-hiker for many times, I don't understand how he
can treat other hikers like that.

Good luck to you,

C.C.Pride  GA-PA 94