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hi everyone.  i just joined the list and would like to introduce myself. my
name is alisa o'hara and i'm 24 years old.  i have aspirations of thru-hiking
the trail next spring (97) and have just started planning it.  can't believe
how excited i am already!  i've already started talking to people via the AT
page on the web and feel that by the time i start this journey i will already
have some friends on the trail.
i am on a search for thru-hiker insight, on gear, how people got along with
their partners, food, how long it is between showers and supplies, the
psychological effects of walking for 5 months, etc.  i gobble up all the
information passed my way and pass it on to my other email pals.  so if
anyone would like to share their experiences drop me a line...

for the mailing list i would like to pose my specific question of the week:

has anyone tried the wood-burning stoves that are out?  i'm curious as to how
they work as compared to the whisperlite-type stoves.  i think it would be
great to go fuel free but worry about things like soggy twigs, etc.  if
anyone has had good/bad experiences with one, please let me know.  thanks in

look forward to talking with you guys...