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Bill Choisser's across USA hike

BC>The route I've laid out crosses Michigan from Port Huron to Grand Rapids 
       Stop in and say hello, at the North Country National Scenic Trail Association 
Headquarters - 3777 Sparks SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. Tele (616) 975-0831 Fax 
(616) 975-0957 Maybe they will write you up in the newsletter.

BC>Any words of encouragement, wisdom, or recounts of similar adventures
from any of you would be welcome, as well as any wishes of any of you
to meet should I be passing your way.
 Very good luck, go for it! I'm sure along the way you'll come across a 'puter, you ought 
to post some updates on your hikes. I assume you also know about the outdor-l mail 
list? Another place to post.