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Youth Hostel

Hi all !

I wonder if any of you had any bad experiences at the Youth Hostel at Harpers
Ferry (actually it's about 2 miles away) ?
While staying there in 94, Harry the Indian and his wife who run the place,
gave me and my hiking partner Rubberduck a really hard time. There were
unfriendly, had tons of rules (like we weren't allowed to stay at the hostel
between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. although we stayed for two nights) and threw us out
the second morning. The reason was kind of stupid. Rubberduck took a shower
in the morning, which wasn't allowed (but we didin't know). So Harry came in
while my friend was under the shower and shouted at him.

Maybe they had a bad day, but we talked to other hikers who heard abot their

This was the only "bad" experience we ran into. The rest of the way it was
wonderful Trail Magic !

Happy Trails and Take Care,
 C.C. Pride
 GA-PA 94

P.S. Does anyone know a hiker called "The Breather", who was out there in 94
doing GA to Harpers Ferry? All I know is that his real name is Jason Smith
and he has been (is?) a student in North Carolina.