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A quickie question regarding ideal packs to carry on the
trail. I currently have a North Face Snow Leopard II, which
I'm moderately happy with, but not 100%. In any case, my
first question is, how do people feel about external versus
internal frame packs? What are the pros and cons of each?
And secondly, the SLII is like a big stuff sack, for those
who aren't familiar with it - no divider, just one big section
accessible by the top-load stuff and two vertical zips down
the sides. How big a plus is it to have a bottom and top
section, separated? And for those who are real gear-heads,
about what size pack do you think you carry? I think the SLII
is about 5500-6000, fully expanded. Too big/too small?
Thanks for any input anyone might have regarding this. I'm
not hiking until 97, south to north, with my younger brother.
We're both getting pretty excited, already!