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Re: Jim Owen's Reality Check

>On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, Richard (Dick) L. Wix wrote:
>> Bald Eagle (AT-92),
>>   You've put the facts of the trail pretty straightforward... I've been
>> keeping "hard-copies" (as reference material) for discussions with some of
>> the local Scouts I've been working with... You really should (if you haven't
>> already), work up a "Guide Pamphlet or Booklet" condensing your ancedotes
>> and advice...
>How about making them into a web page?  People can get free webspace - as
>long as it's not for profit - at www.geocities.com.  It sure would be a
>useful resource to have online.
>--Kathy Bilton kathy@fred.net

Kathy -

I'm not sure what to do with the home page idea.  I've never thought about
it before.  I didn't get into this mess for glory.   My only purpose has been
to give as much information as possible to those starting the Trail - hopefully
without sounding like their father (I have 3 kids - don't need any more).
Figure if I can say anything that'll get just one of them one more day
up the Trail, it'll be worth it.  I had my low point on the Trail - all it
took was a couple words from someone I trusted to keep me going for
one more day.  And that one day made the difference between finishing
and going home.

A couple weeks ago there were some people who wanted me to write
a column for the ATN.  My first reaction was 'Do they really hate me that
much?".  I can't quite picture myself as the ATN's version of Dear Abby.
I'm afraid that, as someone once said - I call'em as I see'em.   And I saw
the rain and the pain as well as the sunshine.   That's what made it
so much a part of my mind and my heart and my life.

Whatever I do, it won't be for this year's class.  We have a wedding in
May to take care of and that comes first.  And I'd have to organize all
this stuff - and I'm not sure it's organizable.   But I'll think about it.
And one way or the other, I'll get back to you.

In any case, thank you for the vote of confidence - I do appreciate it.

Walk softly,
Jim Owen