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Re: Stoves and Fuel

-- [ From: Joe O'Neill * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

> Subject: Stoves and Fuel
> I have been burning what ever high-test unleaded gasoline that is 
> available near where I start my hike.  Some service stations have
> somewhat strangely at me for filling up to 16oz bottles, and even
> when I just top off what I have when I cross a road, but I usually 
> purchase a softdrink and a candy bar so far I have not been refused
> 15-40 cents it cost for the fuel and it is much less expensive than 
> Coleman.  I have a MSR  lite and have never had any problems with go
> auto fuel.
> Does any know of any reason why I should not continue using auto fuel
> rather than Coleman fuel, it is a lot cheaper.
> Thanks

I use unleaded regular and buy an extra candy bar!

Joe O'Neill
GA=>VA '96