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Filter Checking....

  I've called both the PUR and SweetWater companies, discussed with their
tech-reps about checking their filters using a dye.  Both do not recommend
the dye test, it is used to check the integrity of the charcoal filtering
used in the First Need.  PUR and SW do not use a charcoal final filter,
therefore the dye test does not validate the filter.  Both companies said
when the pumping gets hard; replace the PUR cartridge, try cleaning the SW
cartridge before replacement.  IF in doubt about the filtering, replace...
  If you want more info:
    PUR  1-800-845-7873,
    SW   1-800-557-9338.
  I've never used an MSR Waterworks, can't respond to it...

  stay warm, 

Dick Wix
   "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME 
" I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!"       obscure