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Pack Weight

  FWIW... I assembled an "exhibition" pack to take to Boy Scout functions for my "show-and-tell"... I've tried to replicate what I carried thru the 100 mile wilderness (less 6 days of food and fuel, I do include 1 day of food as an example)...Weight about 38 lbs w/o options, As follows:

Pack & Frame - CampTrails Wilderness external panel loader w/kitchen sink.
Pack Rain Cover.
Mesh trash bag attached to pack w/shower curtain clip.
SunDog Fanny Pack modified use as a "belt/belly-pack" attaches to pack frame;
   (keeps guide/maps, notebook, pencil, wallet [ID, credit cards, ATC ID, etc],
    chapstick, Swiss Army knife, firefly lite, Springer rock, whistle and compass
    handy. It's detachable for day hikes or to town, has a water bottle loop for
    BigSlam bottle).
Camera and case (attaches to pack shoulder strap).
NorthFace Tadpole tent. (w/attached backed nylon ground cloth and poles).
O.R. #3 HydroSeal stuff sack (replaced original NF stuff sack, roomier). 
SlumberJack "SoLite Long" Quallofil 40 degree bag. 
Flannel mummy style sleeping bag liner, w/hood.
"HedBed" air pillow. 
O.R. #3 HydroSeal stuff sack (replaced original SJ stuff sack, roomier).
Space Blanket.
Therm-a-rest Lite Long mattress and stuff bag.
Coleman Peak I multi-fuel stove, stuff bag w/BIC lighter.
Folding aluminum wind screen.
16 oz. Red Nalgene fuel bottle.
MSR, 6 liter water bag.
32 oz. "BigSlam" water bottle.
32 oz. Nalgene water bottle.
SweetWater Guardian water filter, brush and stuff bag.
MSR - 1.6 liter Stowaway Pot, w/lid and #7 Tupperware bowl inside, 
    (both in stuff bag w/pot scrubber).
Hungry Camper Spoon.
12 oz thermal cup.
O.R. #3 HydroSeal stuff sack for clothes:
    2 pr. Thorlo Hiking Socks, Cotton sleeping T-shirt, Supplex Hiking/Canoeing
    shorts (spare), Coolmax T-shirt (spare), Supplex trail pants and long sleeved 
    shirt, Polypro long johns and shirt.
Taffeta coated jacket w/hood.
Knit fleece watch cap.
Thermal fleece gloves.
O.R. map case 7x10; 
    journal, pre-stamped postcards, stamps, pen, pencil, extra maps, Hikers'
    handbook, schedule, etc. 
1/2-2/3 roll T.P. in waterproof ditty bag.    
Cut-down First Aid Kit (in a ditty bag);
    tube of Neosporin, 10 extra large knee and elbow bandaids, 2nd Skin 
    blister kit, 3 inch square of moleskin, pack scissors, 2 inch roller bandage,
    Aqua Pure and PA bottles. 
Medicine ditty bag;
    20 - A-D tablets (in plastic match box), 30 - Sudafed Plus tablets 
    (in plastic match box), 20 - 500 mg Anacin tablets (in plastic match box), 
    30 - 200 mg or stronger Ibuprofen tablets, 60 - Centrum Senior Vitamin 
    tablets (in 30 caplet plastic bottle).
Catch-all ditty bag;
    ear plugs (for better sleeping), extra lighter, waterproof matches, spare 
    roll 36 exp film, Bens 100 bug dope (laced w/Tea-tree oil), spare Firefly
    flash light, spare eyeglasses.
Repair kit (in a ditty bag);
    small/cheap sewing kit, tent patch kit, therm-a-rest patch, approx. 24
    inches rolled up duct tape, spare stove generator and wrench, 2 spare
    clevis pins and rings, 2 shower curtain clip hooks, 2 small carabiners
    (key ring type).
Shaving (?) kit (ditty bag);
    small deod. stick, Gold Bond Powder (great for feet, jock itch, etc.),  razor,
    comb, hair goo, tooth paste, tooth brush, waxed dental floss (aka thread),
    nail clippers and file, backpackers bar of soap and soap box, 1/4 standard
    pack towel (wash rag), standard pack towel.
Mega pack towel. 
4 - mesh food bags;
  1 - extra large for use as "bear bag" (holds other three),
  1 - breakfast bag;      3 - peaches and cream instant oatmeal packs, couple 
         packs of sugar, pack of Frosted Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts,
         pack of Swiss Miss Chocolate, 2 - instant coffee "t"-bags.
  1 - lunch/snack bag; 1 - Pemmican bar, 1 - King Size Snicker bar, 1 - Nature
        Valley Oatmeal and Honey Granola bar, 1 - Carnation Breakfast bar
        (chocolate), 8 oz home-brew GORP,
        optional; pack of Ramen Noodle soup and Liptons Cup-a-soup (broccoli
        and cheese).
  1 - supper bag: BackPackers freeze dried (or other brand) 2 serving Pasta
        Vegetable Parmesan, Chocolate pudding cup, Coffee, Swiss Miss and
        Green Tea.             
2 - 50 foot hanks of parachute rope.
Gaiters, long (never used).
Lands End Hydra Shoes (camp/water crossing shoes).
6 - 36 inch pack straps (tie on tent, sleeping bag, therm-a-rest, etc.).
   Candle Lantern, Sony Walkman Radio, Magnum Pepper Spray (w/carabiner 
   attaches to shoulder strap), REI mini-head lamp and batteries, StealthLite 
   Flash light, Sun Glasses, Snake Bite kit, Rain Gear.
Every Day Hiking Wear;
   Baseball style hat (ATC), Coolmax T-shirt, Supplex hiking/conoeing shorts,
   Thorlo Hiking Socks, Rockport Hiking Shoes.
Tracks Sherlock Travel Staff.
I also used a send ahead box for:
   town clothes and shoes, laundry soap, fabric softener, letter writing material,
   address labels, packing tape,  marking pen, knife sharpener, spare filter
   cartridge, spare Zip Lock bags, extra food, etc.

Dick Wix
   "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME 
" I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!"       obscure