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re: Fuel question

I appreciate all the helpful responses I've been getting regarding
fuel around Atlanta.  There is only one little problem.  I will be
relying on the kindness of someone to give me a lift (probably Jim as
per the handbook), so I'll feel a little awkward asking these good
samaritans to chauffeur me around to get fuel as well (though I haven't
called up Jim or anyone else yet, so this may be a regular stop for
them when they pick up out of town people).

I get into the airport around 11:30am, so I will have a bit of time to
get around on my own picks before anyone me up.  Any chance that you
folks might be able to give me bus or subway directions to the
Walmarts, etc. as well??

Direct e-mail to me to cut-down on bandwidth is OK.


Thanks a bunch