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Re: Filter Checking

At 07:12 AM 2/18/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Dick Wix wrote:
>>>>  First Need once supplied a "coloring dye" to check their filters... I
>don't know if it was only food coloring or not... I have not seen anything
>like this from other filter companies, ie MSR, PUR, SweetWater, Katahdin,
>Timberline, etc... <<<
>Actually First Need supplied the dye so you could "mark" the bottle with
>clean water.  It had nothing to do with the filter.
  Re reading the First Need "test" bottle... "Food Dye for canister
integrity test (use two drops per glass, see full istructions)."  When added
to clear water causes blue coloring, which when pumped thru the First Need
should appear clear... I have not tried this on any other filter than my old
(now unused) First Need...
  I've got a call in to the PUR folks (in MSP/SP), attempting to see if this
(or food coloring) is a valid test...
I'll try to contact the Sweet Water folks also...
  More later when I get any responses...

Dick Wix
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