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Re: AT Water

>Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 05:50:33 -0600
>From: "Richard (Dick) L. Wix" <wixer@sparc.isl.net>
>To: at-l@hack.net
>Subject: Re: AT Water
>Message-ID: <199602151150.FAA17255@sparc.isl.net>
>  At Wesser in 94 I sent home one (of my two) Nalgene 32 oz bottles.  I
>replaced it with a "Big Slam" Pepsi bottle... Saved a little weight, fit my
>bottle "holster" better, stood up well to a lot of abuse, expendable, easily
>replaced (twice)... I still use them; hiking, driving, skiing, etc...

Hello everybody, this sounds like a good opportunity to introduce myself,
but first let me respond to the above thread.  I have been using and
re-using plastic gatoraid bottles for about a year now.  They are cheap,
come with a refreshing beverage, and so far have withstood freezing
temperatures.  I am not trying to convince you that they are better than
nalgene, but they are cheaper and adequate for many applications.  Give them
a try if you are in a pinch and need an extra bottle.  Just my thrifty
suggestion for the day.

Now to me.  My name is Chris Haught and I live in Lenoir City, TN.  I am
happily married to a woman (Rami) who also loves to hike.  I have been
hiking the Smoky Mts off and on since I was a student at the University of
Tennessee in Knoxville, but just recently acquired enough gear for
backpacking.  I now work for Lockheed Martin as a nuclear engineer.  This
mailing list has been a valuable resource for backcountry info as well as AT
info, keep the good info flowing and good luck to those through hikers - I
hope to make the trip myself some day.