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Filter Checking

At 03:19 PM 2/16/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>food dye (for testing the water filter)
>I've never heard of this.  I guess you just put some food coloring in the
>intake source (cup, bag, whatever) and if the dye was present in the output,
>you could assume the filter wasn't working properly? 
>S. Schuyler Stultz              Recognition Research Inc.
  First Need once supplied a "coloring dye" to check their filters... I
don't know if it was only food coloring or not... I have not seen anything
like this from other filter companies, ie MSR, PUR, SweetWater, Katahdin,
Timberline, etc... 
  The companies tell you to clean the systems and when to replace the
cartridges, but I have not seen any "chemical" checks... 


Dick Wix
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