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Jim Owen's Reality Check

Bald Eagle (AT-92),

  You've put the facts of the trail pretty straightforward... I've been
keeping "hard-copies" (as reference material) for discussions with some of
the local Scouts I've been working with... You really should (if you haven't
already), work up a "Guide Pamphlet or Booklet" condensing your ancedotes
and advice...

  You mentioned a "final" pack list you made up at Katahdin Stream Camp, if
you have it on-line I'd appreciate a copy... 

  As a retired EE, I haven't gotten out of the "list making" (which I had
plenty of time to do before retirement.
Retirement allows some more free time to do my hiking thing, and allows me
to do some trail "payback".. I only wish I lived closer to the east coast
trail(s), so I could spent more time...

 Keep up the advice and anecdotes,

 from tropical Minnesota,

 stay warm,

Dick Wix
   "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME 
" I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!"       obscure