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Re: pack size?

E. George Oeser wrote:
> I know this has probably been disscussed before, but my memory is somewhat
> lacking so please bare with me.
> I currently have an internal frame pack that has a capacity of 3500 cu.
> inches, I have the feeling that this is a bit too small, and while this pack
> is of reasonably good quality, I don't think that I would be too comfortable
> carrying it for 2000 miles. So how big of a pack do most people carry? I
> will be doing my thru-hike with a partner and therefore will be able to
> split up the load somewhat, but I am thinking that I will need something
> about 5000 cu. inches, does this sound reasonable? Oh, I am also skinny as
> hell and not all that muscular so I refuse to carry more than 40lbs, and am
> doing my best to work it down to more like 30lbs.
> I am currently looking at 2 packs, the Dana Designs Glacier and the
> Arc'teryx Bora 70, they both seem pretty comfortable (this is of course just
> in the store) and the Bora 70 is $50 less. What makes the decision tough is
> that Arc'teryx says their pack holds 4500 cu. inches and Dana says theirs
> holds 5500 cu. inches. I am afraid that if I go with the smaller pack it
> won't provide me with enough space, at the same time I also see this as
> being a benifit.
> So anyway I am hoping that the great cybergods of the AT can help me with my
> decision :)
> E. George Oeser

Be sure to check out the Lowe Contour IV before you buy. It's a lot of good 
pack for not that much money.

Seth Yancey