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Re: Thru-Hike Preparation Question

Hey One Step!

I rummaged through the house and found some Butter Buds.  There is absolutely
no fat in it.  Since I section hike fat has never been a problem.  I wanted
to tell you about another product called "O'Dells Dairy Butter".  I comes in
small packets of 3/4 ounces which equal 4 1/2 tsp. butter.  You don't add
water to this one. The packet contains 250 calories. It inconveniently
doesn't mentio the fat content.  This is clarified butter and doesn't require
refrigeration and willl never spoil, has no artificial stuff, salt or
preservaties in it.  It's been in my refrigerator and is hard as a rock, but
in cold weather could be cut out of the packaging.  I purchased it from
"Trail Foods Co., PO Bx 9309, North Hollywood CA 91609-1309.  Phone (818)
8997-4370 "per 1993 catalog.  It is sort of pricey and you might feel you'd
be ahead with the store bought squeeze margarine.  I sometimes take the
O'Dell's because it is good for frying things, making pancakes (which I
rarely do), etc. O'Dells is the butter that is used on commercial popcorn.
 Trail Foods doesn't sell it, but it does come in a larger one pound

All this info is probably too late for you to do any ordering if you are
thru-hiking this year.  Another mail order company that I like ( a bit of
trivia) is "The Campers Pantry, PO Box 293, Farmington MN 55024-0293".  They
sell *all* camper's food and have a nice catalog. Phone (612) 463-3765.

IL Fltlndr