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Re: Giardia cysts settling ??

Is there a chance you could send me a reprint of your Giardia article.
Again let me stress I am by no means any sort of expert on disease or
hydrology for that matter. And I certainly do not want to give the
impression that Giardasis is not a problem. JoAnne Oliver's reference to
the Berlin NH water problem actually sounds familiar, but I did not make
the assumption that midlevel water from lakes was therefore safe to drink
after hearing about it. I distinctly remember reading it somewhere else as
well, maybe a NOLS handbook? At any rate I, like many in Maine, drink water
right out of most sources without treatment or filtering, and seem to
suffer no ill effect. In fact most people who own camps receive their water
right from lakes. I know the water in the rangers cabin at Daicy comes from
the pond. I also know that recent federal regulations have caused most of
the familiar water sources in Baxter to be removed. I know that these
sources were probably ok but the cost of monitoring them was prohibitive so
it was easier to just remove them. Although I do often wonder about being
infected, especially with all the bad press one reads about even from the
MATC.  I have been in the 100 mile wilderness innumerable times and slake
my thirst at will. I recently returned from a five day trip in Baxter on
the other side of Katahdin and all four of us drank water right out of the
lake (this time from ice free outlets). I don't know what to make of it. Go
figger? Best of luck, Cap

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