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Re: Weight Loss on the AT

>So, getting to the AT ... if you make sure that you get FDA vitamins and
>protein, you should be alright .... and save weight in the process ! Has
>anyone heard of these studies or specific SciAM article (the date may be a
>month off)
>Joel (billy Goat)

  I'd be surprised if this holds true for long distance hiking.  Long
distance hiking is a huge demand on the body requiring huge energy
expenditure.  In some ways, you might say that during a long distance hike,
your body is put into a "crisis" type situation, and the body calls on all
available resources for energy.  Fat reserves get used up, and sometimes
(as in my case) muscle gets burned too - not a good situation.  Plus, I'm
sure I wasn't getting very much protein day to day, so I tried to get as
much as possible when I pulled into towns.
  For shorter term hiking, or less strenuous hiking, the above advice may
be pretty good.  But on a thruhike, you'll never meet a calorie you don't
like ;) .


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