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News: Applachian Trail Page (fwd)

Waldo just left this message on the Hpernews area  on the AT page. 

Also - I saw a notice on the bulletin board the other day at the ATC in 
Harpers Ferry.  Some people in Andover, ME - I think that's right - are 
looking for a person or couple to oversee a small campground between mid-May 
and October. They want a minimum of 2 weeks of commitment.  It sounds like 
it is very close to the AT. They provide housing - and I think they said 
"other amenities" - but no pay.  I wrote down the number but can't find 
it, so of you're interested, call the ATC - 304-535-6331.

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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 09:54:59 -0600
From: Waldo L. Jaquith <waldo@comet.net>
To: waldo@comet.net
Subject: News: Applachian Trail Page

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I'm working on an Applachian Trail homepage-ish thing concerning my trip
up the AT this spring/summer. It's at http://comet.net/personal/waldo/at.htm. 
One of the things that I've put on it is a little
registry for people that are hiking the AT this year. If you are doing
the trail, please e-mail me so I can add you to the list. The list will
soon be available at http://comet.net/personal/waldo/hikers.htm.[2]
Thankee kindly!

-Waldo L. Jaquith
[1] http://comet.net/
[2] http://comet.net/personal/waldo/hikers.htm.