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Re: Weight Loss on the AT

At 02:57 AM 2/15/96 -0600, you wrote:
>I have been reading many people talking about adding a great deal of fat to
>their diet and even eating mayonaisse straight (Mayo Shooters).
>Has anyone read the article in Scientific American (think it was JAN 96)
>about the reduction of caloric intake and the increase in mammal life span.
>This basically stated that if calories where reduced by 35% (but not the
>reduction of FDA nutritients) the body will get stronger and life span will
>increase. Extensive studies have been done w/ mice w/ a gain in max life span
>of 40%. Epidemographical data of some Japanese societies lead scientists to
>believe that this is very valid for humans as well.
>So, getting to the AT ... if you make sure that you get FDA vitamins and
>protein, you should be alright .... and save weight in the process ! Has
>anyone heard of these studies or specific SciAM article (the date may be a
>month off)
>Joel (billy Goat)

     I was looking through my old copys of National Geographic the other
day, and ran across an article about people over the age of 100.  It seems
that a very large percentage of these people consumed way under the popular
norm of calorie intake.  Some of these people lived to over 130 years.  One
Russian man was reputably 167!