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RE: Weight Loss on the AT

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Sent: 	Thursday, February 15, 1996 2:56 AM
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Subject: 	Weight Loss on the AT

I have been reading many people talking about adding a great deal of fat to
their diet and even eating mayonaisse straight (Mayo Shooters).

Has anyone read the article in Scientific American (think it was JAN 96)
about the reduction of caloric intake and the increase in mammal life span.
This basically stated that if calories where reduced by 35% (but not the
reduction of FDA nutritients) the body will get stronger and life span will
increase. Extensive studies have been done w/ mice w/ a gain in max life span
of 40%. Epidemographical data of some Japanese societies lead scientists to
believe that this is very valid for humans as well.

So, getting to the AT ... if you make sure that you get FDA vitamins and
protein, you should be alright .... and save weight in the process ! Has
anyone heard of these studies or specific SciAM article (the date may be a
month off)

Joel (billy Goat)

The reality of the situation on the trail is this; you can't get enough of 
calories and fat in your diet if your hiking the AT. Anyone who has done any 
long distance hiking would tell you that your appite will kick in after the 
first week. You end up burning more calories than you can intake when hiking 
with a 40 lb. pack day after day. Hikers burn off alot of excess body fat, and 
in some cases start to loose muscle mass. With all that energy that gets 
burned up during a hike, I don't think that fat has much chance of staying 
around to do you much harm. At times you can't pack enough of food to take 
care of you appite. The problem starts after a long hike. You still crave high 
fat food.