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Re: Re: AT Water

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Sheila Mellen <gfrost@amsdc.mhs.compuserve.com> wrote:
>Although you probably won't need two bottles of water until the 
>midatlantic states (MD, PA, NJ, NY), they come in handy because you 
>can filter water at night for most of the next day, or you can keep 

Well I don't know about your experience, but one of my friends and his wife 
were hiking on the trail in SW Virginia and the only way they found water this 
particular time is by catching rain off a tarp and filtering.  I had to do the 
same thing last summer just north of Tinker's Cliff's as the nearest water was 
quite a walk away.  If you are wondering about my friends experience with water 
sources along the AT in SW Virginia well he has hiked from Mt. Rogers to 
Tinker's Cliffs many times especially during the summer when water can be 
scarce.  He even knows of several houses along the AT near Campbell Shelter 
that most people wouldn't know was there.  

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