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Re: Kelty Packs

>I have a Northface Snowleopard and have the same problem with the hipbelt
>slipping all the time.   I've had it for years, but I just keep cinching it
>back up.  Let me know if you find a solution.

Alice- Jim Wix sent me this after I posted I am trying to locate the
camlock replacement from Kelty, so far I have heard they are no longer
available but I only contacted one shop. Here is what he said;

>  I had problems with my replacement pack also (I had a Gerry 1970 model)...
>The new Camptrails Wilderness I bought in 94 had a Fastex system on it
>(I used a lot of choice words on it to no avail)... When I got off the AT, I
>bought a Kelty replacement Cam-lock system, trashed the Fastex... It took
>a little sewing, but now no slipping... Fastex works OK for some applications
>but not all, needs a better gripping action or something like a Cam-lock...

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