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Re: Giardia cysts settling ??

>"Cap," Never have I heard or read that giardia cysts "settle!" What is your
>source for that statement or idea?? I did an article about 8 yr........


>.............or giardiasis. He thinks the results could be quite interesting!
>I *think*, unless you can correct me - which I welcome! - that there is a
>difference between the settling of particulate matter and the suspension of
>giardia cysts. Bring me up to speed, if I'm not. Thanks, Bob

Thanks for your input and questions. I do not know nor can I remember
(which ain't much help) where I read/heard this about the cysts settling
although it makes sense as they should behave hydrodynamically like any
other particulate matter. The only thing that would keep them suspended is
some function of size/shape/weight and the turbulence and hence carrying
capacity of the water. In fact dust size particles, for instance Saharan
dust is found on the bottom of the ocean all across the Atlantic from
Africa to FLA. Radiolaran shell tests are on the same size as cysts as well
and the bottom of most of the worlds oceans are blanketted with them. I
think I might have read about it in some paddling mag/book/or faq on the
web as I spend alot of time in canoes and therefore that may have been the
original source. Which one???? Unfortunately this is unsubstantiated which
is why I posed the question to the group in the first place.  Again I
usually do this when canoeing and I can get right out there in the lake, I
have been doing it for many, many years operating under this assumption. I
may have Giardiasis and don't know it. Is it a simple stool test? If I was
a carrier I might as well learn of it one way or the other and just throw
away my filter which is a pain to carry/operate anyway (sort of like I
can't get it any worse than I already have!) Interestingly I heard that the
test for Giardia often comes up with both false positives and negatives.
Anybody else have anything they can offer? Best regards

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