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Giardia cysts settling

Bob and Cap,

Here's something I found that is of interest to you.  It was 
published in a journal article detailing the investigation of a giardiasis
outbreak in Berlin, New Hampshire and how they tracked the source of 
infection to the Berlin water treatment system:

"Because Giardia cysts have a specific gravity greater than water, they 
would be expected to settle to the depths of a reservoir, where a 
low-level intake would enhance their entry into the water system."

Quoted from:
Edwin C. Lippy.  1978.  Tracing a giardiasis outbreak at Berlin, New 
Hampshire.  Journal AWWA.  I don't have the volume number, but it is the 
September issue, pages 512-520.

The article also cites a sampling methodology developed by the EPA 
in 1978 for detecting Giardia cysts in water.  This document might provide 
detailed info or other references.

Neat stuff.  It would be facinating if Bob's doctor friend tested hikers 
for Giardia spp. during The Gathering.  But, doesn't that mean we'll all 
have to poop in cups?   Eeeewwwwww!