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Giardia cysts settling ??

"Cap," Never have I heard or read that giardia cysts "settle!" What is your
source for that statement or idea?? I did an article about 8 yrs ago on water
filtering and consulted with Dr. Juranek of CDC in Atlanta, among others. No
one mentioned such a pattern. I've tried to stay current... but is this some
recent discovery, with documentation you can cite? Otherwise, assuming that
cysts settle could compomise your assessment of the water situation.

As for your not showing signs of giardiasis, remember that some folks are
symptomless, but are carriers w/o getting ill. Also, in spite of the statements
I encountered from the Maine App. Tr. Club (MATC) this summer that anyone
covering the Maine section of the AT w/o purifying their water was sure to get
giardiasis, I have heard of hikers doing just that and staying healthy. Now,
whether they are carriers or not is another question! I know a hiking physician
who wishes very much that all the AT-ers at the Gathering could voluntarily be
tested for giardiasis. He thinks the results could be quite interesting!

I *think*, unless you can correct me - which I welcome! - that there is a
difference between the settling of particulate matter and the suspension of
giardia cysts. Bring me up to speed, if I'm not. Thanks, Bob