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Re: AT Water

> I was originally planning on taking a small side-of-pack-attached water 
> bottle and holder, a 32oz water bottle, and a MSR Water Bag...Do any of 
> you past thru/section/long distance hikers think this is adequate?  
> Should I take *two* 32oz water bottles?  Any other suggestions/advice? 
> And one more question...how much water do thru hikers find themselves 
> carrying at one time?  I know it varies from hiker to hiker, but I am 
> just looking for some kind of average as I have no idea what to expect?

Of course it varies from area to area and person to person...

How much water does that water bag hold?  I've found that taking a water
bag that could hold at least 3 gallons, 1 32 oz (1 quart) bottle for the 
bottle pocket on the outside of my pack, and 1 1-quart canteen inside my 
pack is best for my needs.  I use the bag to collect a _LOT_ of water from
the source when I make camp.  Then I filter 3 quarts before making dinner
so I have plenty for dinner, drinks (need to stay hydrated) and after dinner
hot chocolate or tea.  Then I top the filtered ones off again for morning.
Then, depending on how hot it is the next day/how far it is to the next
reliable water source, I'll hike with 3 quarts of water.  Now, most of my
hiking is in SW VA where reliable water sources aren't more than a day apart.
I've heard water can be a day and half or more apart in other places (Like
Penn.)  It will also depend on how much water you need during the day.  I'd 
say 2 bottles would be better, but that's me. :-)  YMMV

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