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Re: Purifying Water

Hi Andy,
Tablets or Iodine for filtering your water is good, if you can handle the 
taste (some people like it more than others). The mid-day fill up thing 
is  a good idea. One that works for my husband and myself.
Don't forget to run your collected water through a bandanna to remove all 
the floaties. :)
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On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Andy Burchett wrote:

> Another question if I may...
> Do water purification tablets work as effectively as a filter system 
> (such as Sweetwater)? 
> I can see myself filling up my water bottle mid day and dropping a few 
> tablets in it and then continue walking while the stuff purifies - it 
> seems faster than a filter and I can save the use of the filter (and the 
> life of the cartridge) for at camp...Is this a common practice and/or a 
> good idea as far as having healthy water goes?
> Thanks for the help
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