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Re: which direction?

>What are the advantages of hiking from GA -> ME ?
>What would I miss in going the other direction?
>A friend and I are planning to thru-hike after we graduate in May of
>next year.  If we were to go immediately after graduation, that would
>mean leaving from Maine and walking south.  If it would be much better to
>walk the way most people do (north), we would wait until the next season
>when we could go in March.
>Thanks for any help....

You might check out Kathy Bilton's Appalachian Trail Web Page, where she
just posted a link to the trip report (*long*--day by day, every step of
the way) of two N-S hikers. While it is over a decade old, I think, it
might give you an idea of what to expect in terms of weather, etc.

Robert Rubin

"You must not mind me, madam; I say
strange things, but I mean no harm." -- Samuel Johnson