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Re: Sleeping Bags

>For the '96 thruhikers and those planning other trips, I would like 
to know
>the fill material of the sleeping bags you will be using. Especially,
 due to
>the weight considerations and the extreme and varied weather 
conditions, wet
>and cold to hot and dry, what do you think will work best? Down or a 
>like Quallofil, Microfil, Liteloft, Polartec, etc.? Thanks.

   Well, I'm starting the Trail with a 15-degree Nod Pod from REI, 
It's a Lite Loft bag -- I know, I know, everybody's heard horrendous 
things about Lite Loft -- and I figure it should hold up for at least 
a pretty good whiel, since it's practically new.
   I'll also have the old reliable Kelty Hollofil II bag sitting at 
home in reserve. Sure, Hollofil is supposed to be kind of heavy and 
bulky, but it stuffs to almost the same size as the Lite Loft bag, 
and it's only a few ounces heavier. Besides, by the time I need the 
Kelty bag (IF I need it, I should say), I reckon I'll be in good 
enough shape to handle a slightly heftier bag!
   BTW, I wouldn't dream of using a down bag for a thru-hike. I just 
know that with my luck, it would be soaked about a week up the trail, 
just before a late blizzard blows into the southern Appalachians. Of 
course, to each his or her own...

GA-->ME '96 ("Sleepin' bags?!? We don't need no stinkin' sleepin'