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Re: which direction?

>From Andy C. Smith '97
> Hi! 
> What are the advantages of hiking from GA -> ME ?
You can leave earlier in the year.  You are delayed in ME first by 
cold and then by blackflies.

> What would I miss in going the other direction?
Nothing except that more people will be going the other way.

> A friend and I are planning to thru-hike after we graduate in May of 
> next year.  If we were to go immediately after graduation, that would 
> mean leaving from Maine and walking south.  If it would be much better to 
> walk the way most people do (north), we would wait until the next season 
> when we could go in March.
> Thanks for any help....
> Andy
Actually, I was initially planning on going S-N, as it is the more usual
way.  However, the N-S is starting to look more attractive.  If you 
left end of May, early June in ME, that would mean ending up in
November.  Seems like southern November weather should be more reliably
good than southern March/April weather.  Is this true?

Also, Baxter State Park in Maine closes up pretty early in the year.
If you wanted to amble, or take a lot of side trails, you wouldn't
have the S-N pressure of making it to Baxter before it closes.

Furthermore, there aren't a lot of towns near the northern terminus.
One would probably need to carry the most food at one time during this
Maine section.  It might be best to do this first when you are well
stocked and fresh.

I'm guessing there are more advantages to the S-N way that I don't 
know about.  There must be some good reasons why it is so much more 
popular.  Right?

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