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Hi everyone,
I've been reading the list for a couple of weeks now, and have really enjoyed
it. I thought I should get around to making an introduction.

I just finished up my PhD in electrical engineering at Illinois, and before I
get a REAL job, I thought that I'd take some time off for a thru-hike. It
took me quite a while to decide on the AT versus the CDT or PCT. I really love
the Rockies, and have been section hiking the CDT a month at a time over the
last several years. But I thought that the AT would just be a lot more fun.
I look forward to meeting many of you out on the trail this year -- I`ll be
leaving Springer around the 8th of March.

Anyone have any estimate on how many people will set out this year given the
Trailside episodes and other media attention given to the AT lately ?

mark tabb