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Re: Rain Gear

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Matt Donath wrote:

[rain gear thread]
> Let's say you're no longer a poor college student and want to buy some
> good Gore-Tek rain gear for backpacking.  I'd like to hear the opinions
> of people on 3-ply vs 2-ply/mesh/reinforced.
> >From what I understand the 3-ply is more durable and is lighter (not needing
> a mesh lining).  The 2-ply is softer and seems more comfortable.

As I alluded to earlier, I have a Marmot Stormlight (I think), which is 
3-layer and packs very small (about the size of a large fist) and is very light.
It is the shoulders are also 3-layer, but they use a more abrasion 
resistant-nylon (I think the Thunderlight also has that on the hips).
Big pit zips and mesh chest pockets make for great ventilation.  The hood 
design is good too.

I also mentioned in my earlier post that I picked up a thicker one for 
winter use.  I was worried  about it getting shredded going off-trail or 
tumbling down a hill.

Overall, I am pretty happy with it.  I was watching the Trailside AT 
episode the other night and noticed that it looked like Wrong Way was 
wearing it at the end, so his seemed to have made it to Khatadin (sp?).

For a more versatile 2-layer shell I like the Marmot Alpine-light (I believe)
which for my money was the best shell on the market until Mountain 
Hardware came out with theirs.

I've not spent a long time looking at Mtn. Hardware's clothing, but 
everything I have seen of their's has been top notch and I have been VERY 
impressed with the clothing that I have seen.  I believe that their 
Ethereal (3-layer) won a BP magazine Editor's Choice last year.  I think 
any shopping for shells would be incomplete without serious consideration 
of their stuff.
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