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Re: Rain Gear

>From TEMPLER7277@uni.edu
> I was wondering about the type of rain gear that someone has used and really
> likes.  Any good suits out there that don't cost an arm and leg?  You know us
> poor college students!
I was happy to see some good responses to this question.  However, I have
a related question that addresses another issue.

Let's say you're no longer a poor college student and want to buy some
good Gore-Tek rain gear for backpacking.  I'd like to hear the opinions
of people on 3-ply vs 2-ply/mesh/reinforced.

>From what I understand the 3-ply is more durable and is lighter (not needing
a mesh lining).  The 2-ply is softer and seems more comfortable.

Are there any other advantages to the 2-ply other than flexibility?

Some manufacturers make 2-ply/3-ply, using the 3-ply in reinforced areas.
How do these compare with the full 3-ply and the 2-ply reinforced with
something other than 3-ply.


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