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Re: Rain Gear, recoating query.

On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, vandermolen patricia wrote:
> Jeff,
> 	I'm curious what this Nickwax recoating solution is. Is it good 
> for recoating large areas, i.e. tent fly & rain pants? Easy to use? For 
> the last 20 years I've hiked with coated-nylon rainpants, poncho & 
> anorak...the pants have most of their orig. coating but I removed the coating
> from the others due to an unfortunate incident with fermenting beef 
> stroganoff that rendered those 3 items as unfit for most noses. I could 
> live with it but my husband & friends were ready to banish me to another 
> trail. So, I'd like to redo the coats. I'm a bit leery of a silicon spray 
> coat being as good for rain protection.

Nickwax makes a whole line of environmentally friendly waterproof 
coatings, mostly for clothing though.  Their one for leather boots is 
supposed to be quite good.  They also make solutions for down and for 
fleece/wool to make them water resistant.  Most come in wash in, spray-on 
or brush-on options, so think about what is best for your item.
I was referring to recoating the Gore-Tex wear DWR (the outer layer water 
repellant), which they make a solution for. (Campmor has most of the 
Nickwax products)

For non-breathable stuff there are a lot of products, including Kenyon's 
K-coat, which is basically just tent seam-sealer in a bigger container.
Also, surf-coat is designed for canvas tents and the like.  

I too am wary of silicon, although I can't give you a good reason off the 
top of my head.

Good luck,


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