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Re: Quick question & intro from novice

On Sun, 11 Feb 1996, Bryan Gene Cable wrote:

>      I consider my friends and I to be physically fit (we all run
> cross-country during the fall and crew during the other seasons) but we've
> never taken hiking trips.  The question: For young, fit persons who are
> novices to hiking, what is a good estimate for the distance we could tackle
> in a day if we aren't looking to break any speed records or anything?  What
> about the "average" hiker?
> -Bryan Cable
Bryan -
Your question acted as an incentive for me to finally tabulate my daily 
mileages. Below is my '94 trip. The '95 trip data will be posted shortly.

Background: I'm in my late 30's, hiking alone, with years of backpacking 
experience but not in particularly top shape starting out. My pack was
probably 10 to 20 pounds too heavy (estimated weight was about 55 pounds 
down to 40 pounds depending on quantity of food and water at any one 
time). I carried a tent but as you can see stayed mostly in shelters.

Note I only blue-blazed once that summer. The dates refer to the evening 
I stopped.

I met plenty of younger people doing 20-mile-plus days pretty regularly. 
Perhaps with a lighter pack ('96 !!!) I can do so. 

            A.T. MILEAGES SUMMER '94, JRB
point	       >N mi.	date	day mi.	comments
Springer Mtn. 	0	7/6/94		stayed at S.M. Sh.
Gooch Gap Sh.	16.1	7-Jul	16.1	
Blood Mtn. Sh.	28.3	8-Jul	12.2	
Low Gap Sh.	41.3	9-Jul	13	
Tray Mtn. Sh.	56.2	10-Jul	14.9	
Plumorchard Gp.	71.1	11-Jul	14.9	
Standing Indian	83.2	12-Jul	12.1	
Wallace Gp/RSC	103.7	13-Jul	10	blue blazed to Rainbow Spr
Cold Spring Sh.	122.6	14-Jul	18.9	
Nantahala Riv.	134.1	15-Jul	11.5    NOC, stayed two nights
Brwn. Fk. Gp. S 151.2	17-Jul	17.1	
Fontana Hilton	163.7	18-Jul	12.5	
Birch Spr. Sh.	169.6	19-Jul	5.9	enter GSMNP
Spence Fld. Sh.	179.6	20-Jul	10	
Silars Bald Sh.	191.4	21-Jul	11.8	
Icewater Spr. S 206.9	22-Jul	15.5	
Tri-Corner Knob	219.5	23-Jul	12.6	
Big Crk. Cmpgd.	234	24-Jul	14.5	
Groundhog Ck.Sh	245	25-Jul	11	leave GSMNP
Roaring Fk. Sh.	256.2	26-Jul	11.2	
Hot Springs	270.8	27-Jul	14.6	stayed two nights
Spring Mtn. Sh.	281.7	29-Jul	10.9	
Jerry Cabin Sh.	297.2	30-Jul	15.5	
Hogback Rdg. Sh	312	31-Jul	14.8	
Bald Mtn. Sh.	321.7	1-Aug	9.7	
No Business Kb	331.8	2-Aug	10.1	
Nolichucky Rv.	337.5	3-Aug	5.7	end of '94 trip