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Quick question & intro from novice

     First my introduction...  My name is Bryan Cable.  I am a student at
the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta.  I have been
reading the posts on AT-L for about two weeks now and the more I read, the
more I get fired up to tackle the AP trail.  I've always loved the outdoors
(when I was little, I thought I wanted to grow up to be a hermit in the
mountains.  It still doesn't seem like such a bad idea) and hope to
eventually thru-hike the entire AP trail.  That will have to wait until
after I'm out of college.  For now, I plan to hike a few sections with
friends during the summers; but I have very little hiking experience.
     I consider my friends and I to be physically fit (we all run
cross-country during the fall and crew during the other seasons) but we've
never taken hiking trips.  The question: For young, fit persons who are
novices to hiking, what is a good estimate for the distance we could tackle
in a day if we aren't looking to break any speed records or anything?  What
about the "average" hiker?

-Bryan Cable