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Re: Trail Conditions

Thank you so much for the response...that information was worth it's 
weight in gold (or moleskin as the case may be in 18 days :)  That 
info was exactly what I was looking for - I hope you don't mind but I 
will probably ask you for one more update like this in say - 17 days from 
now :)  Again, thanks...

"One By Land"
GA->ME 96'  
Countdown : 18 Days...

> Andy.  I live at the point of an arc describing about 200 miles of the AT from
> the NC/GA line to I-40 at the end of the Smokies.  It takes me 35-55 minutes to
> reach most places along that arc.  I live at about 2600-2700 feet elevation. 
> Most of the mountains run from 3000' to 6000'+.  Today it is 56F with lots of
> sunshine.  Last week we had from 4"-6" of snow with the temps at night dropping
> to 0F and daytime temps of low 20s.  The temperature normally is lower as you
> gain elevation, but not always.  Sometimes we get colder temps in the valleys.

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