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Re: Trail Conditions

Andy.  I live at the point of an arc describing about 200 miles of the AT from
the NC/GA line to I-40 at the end of the Smokies.  It takes me 35-55 minutes to
reach most places along that arc.  I live at about 2600-2700 feet elevation. 
Most of the mountains run from 3000' to 6000'+.  Today it is 56F with lots of
sunshine.  Last week we had from 4"-6" of snow with the temps at night dropping
to 0F and daytime temps of low 20s.  The temperature normally is lower as you
gain elevation, but not always.  Sometimes we get colder temps in the valleys.

You can expect some snow around 2nd week in March and again the first week in
April.  If they come, they are usually quite heavy, ranging from 8"-14".  You
should prepare for temperatures ranging from 10F to 55F for March and early 
April.  Snowshoes?  I think NOT.  They are not worth the weight and bulk for
the slim possibility of deep snow.  Besides, it will melt off in a few days.
Blizzard of 93 was an exception to that.

I can give more specific weather informationas the time draws near, but just
remember.. the weather around here - like most places - can change rapidly.

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