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Trail Conditions

I need a little weather/trail conditions report.  I am out on the west 
coast and don't watch TV...the only weather I get is www.usatoday.com. 
and they are not too trail specific.  As most of you know, I am leaving 
for my thru hike in 18 days - I will be on Springer in about 24...  
What are the trail conditions out there on the Springer Mountain to 
Fontana Dam section?  Is there any (or lots) of snow on the trail - enough to 
require snowshoes?  What are the daytime/nightime temps on that portion of 
the AT and are they expected to get better or worse in a month?  If only the 
usatoday weather page had an Appalachian Trail Weather link :)  Thanks...

One By Land
GA->ME 96'