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Re: Merrells for thru-hike

   Wow! This has GOT to be the most active list anywhere! Thanks for 
all the responses about buying a back-up pair of boots. Yeah, idiot 
me finally realized after about 10-15 messages (email and on here) 
that I should go ahead and buy as many pairs of these miracle boots 
(well, to me, anyway) as I can! I'm ordering them tomorrow!
   I was kind of wavering about whether or not to attempt the thru-
hike this year -- wondering if I could afford it, if I would make it, 
if it was just the "right" thing for me to do at this point in my 
life -- until I got to work yesterday.
   Once I was sitting at my desk, in my office with no windows, with 
its overprocessed air, in front of the computer I stare at for 8 1/2 
hours every night, drinking coffee just to stay awake 'cause I'm 
bored outta my mind, I came to my senses.
   OK, I'm ready now...WHERE'S THAT TRAIL?!?!

"Trailnameless Joe" (I'll get a trail name soon. I promise.)
GA-->ME '96 (Unless my leg muscles wither away before I can escape...