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Re: Merrells for thru-hike?

>   Howdy all! A quick question about boots and thru-hiking:
>   Late last year I bought a pair of Merrell Lassens on clearance. 
>These boots were $200 regular price, and are just about Merrell's top 
>of the line -- I think there were one or two models better than these 
>fellers. They're medium- to light heavyweight boots, with excellent 
>support and Vibram soles, blah blah blah. (Sound like a salesperson, 
>don't I?)
>   Anywho, I was wondering if these boots would last the entire trip, 
>barring any unusual wear and tear (i.e. freak of nature stuff). I've 
>dealt with Merrell in the past and their customer service seems 
>excellent, but if the boots just plain wear out, that probably won't 
>be covered by the warranty. The reason I ask is that Campmor has 
>these boots on final clearance, and I was wondering if I should grab 
>a pair just to be safe. BTW, I love the boots! They fit great and 
>have yet to give me a blister (Can you hear me furiously knocking on 
>wood? ;-))

They might last the whole trip, but why chance it?  If you like the boots
half as much as it sounds, I'd buy a second pair so that you could have them
on "stand-by" as it were.  

If you don't need them for the AT, you could always use them later.