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Merrells for thru-hike?

   Howdy all! A quick question about boots and thru-hiking:
   Late last year I bought a pair of Merrell Lassens on clearance. 
These boots were $200 regular price, and are just about Merrell's top 
of the line -- I think there were one or two models better than these 
fellers. They're medium- to light heavyweight boots, with excellent 
support and Vibram soles, blah blah blah. (Sound like a salesperson, 
don't I?)
   Anywho, I was wondering if these boots would last the entire trip, 
barring any unusual wear and tear (i.e. freak of nature stuff). I've 
dealt with Merrell in the past and their customer service seems 
excellent, but if the boots just plain wear out, that probably won't 
be covered by the warranty. The reason I ask is that Campmor has 
these boots on final clearance, and I was wondering if I should grab 
a pair just to be safe. BTW, I love the boots! They fit great and 
have yet to give me a blister (Can you hear me furiously knocking on 
wood? ;-))
   So, any opinions?

Thanks in advance,
"Trailnameless Joe"
GA-->ME '96 (provided I have enough "sole" to make it...)