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Re: AT north of GSMNP

Thanks for the Info it helps alot.


>   John, Sorry I didn't answer you sooner. Did you want to start right at
>the park? If you wanted to start alittle further north a really nice 67
>mile section would be from Hot Springs, N.C. to Erwin, Tenn.. The main
>thing you would miss south of Hot Springs would be Max Patch but it would
>allow you to get in range of Big Bald which I think is nicer. Other points
>of interest in this section would be Camp Creek Bald and "Big Butt". I saw
>wild turkey and the only bobcat I have ever seen was in this section. You
>really can't go wrong anywhere north of the park, The whole N.C.-Tenn.
>guidebook is full of good sections
>   Elmer Hall at the Inn in Hot Springs arranged a shuttle for me when I
>hiked from Fontana Dam to Hot Springs. His number was (704)-622-7206. I
>also stayed there in connection with two different section hikes. You can
>get a list of shuttle drivers for the whole trail from the ATC.
>   It has been more than five years since I hiked these sections, so I
>can't give you up to date info on logistics and trail conditions. As I
>recall, there is alot of up and down in this section. It took me 4 1/2 days
>to go from Hot Springs to Erwin, after a winter's inactivity.
>   Hope this helps, have a good hike.
>                                             Steve