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AT north of GSMNP

>  Hi Steve, read your note.  My name is John Wolf.  A few friends and I
>plan to put in a few days on the AT just north of the park in N.C. in April
>(about 60 mi of it).  I was hoping you could tell me if it's worth while on
>that section, what it's like and if ther is a good and reasonable shuttle
>service to and from the trail.
>      Thanks
>        John

   John, Sorry I didn't answer you sooner. Did you want to start right at
the park? If you wanted to start alittle further north a really nice 67
mile section would be from Hot Springs, N.C. to Erwin, Tenn.. The main
thing you would miss south of Hot Springs would be Max Patch but it would
allow you to get in range of Big Bald which I think is nicer. Other points
of interest in this section would be Camp Creek Bald and "Big Butt". I saw
wild turkey and the only bobcat I have ever seen was in this section. You
really can't go wrong anywhere north of the park, The whole N.C.-Tenn.
guidebook is full of good sections
   Elmer Hall at the Inn in Hot Springs arranged a shuttle for me when I
hiked from Fontana Dam to Hot Springs. His number was (704)-622-7206. I
also stayed there in connection with two different section hikes. You can
get a list of shuttle drivers for the whole trail from the ATC.
   It has been more than five years since I hiked these sections, so I
can't give you up to date info on logistics and trail conditions. As I
recall, there is alot of up and down in this section. It took me 4 1/2 days
to go from Hot Springs to Erwin, after a winter's inactivity.
   Hope this helps, have a good hike.