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Re: Posting instructions

At 06:43 AM 2/5/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Please send me posting instructions.  thanks  :)
With the increased traffic on this list I thought I'd mention
a few things in the hope of preventing the list from self-destructing with
unsub messages, etc.:

-  If you'd like the listprocessor to automatically condense messages
from the list into one big message that you get every so often, send
mail to LISTPROC@INC.NET with the following in the body of the message:

set AT-L mode digest

- If you have to unsubscribe, please email LISTPROC@INC.NET with a message

unsubscribe AT-L

As usual,  if you have any problems/questions/suggestions, please feel free
to email me, ryan@inc.net.   I hope you enjoy the list,  and I'm sure
I'll see some of you on the trail this summer.

Ryan Brooks

PS:  Brick has organized a similar mailing list for the PCT, that I am hosting.
You can find it at PCT-L@HACK.NET, and you can send a subscribe message to LISTPROC@HACK.NET, "subscribe PCT-L Your Name".