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New Subscriber

Hi all... I just subscribed this very second, so here goes
my first ever posting. I'm a 21 year old Colgate University
Senior, and am just getting started planning for a thru-hike
in 1997 with my younger brother. The two of us are right now
just trying to get a feel for how long we can expect to take
on the trail and how much it will reasonably cost us. Other
than that, we're just getting ourselves psyched up for the
hike, as well as physically fit enough! If anyone's got any
great insight regarding time and cost, it'd all be very
welcome. Also, if there are any Colgate grads out there who
have done or are thinking about doing the trail, I would
especially be interested in hearing from you. And in particular,
any outing club or outdoor education staff - I trained in
1992-3 with Gary, so you and I would have lots to compare and
talk about. That's all... I look forward to learning lots
and hearing stories...