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Intro & Damascus Shuttle Ride

Hi!  I have been on the mailing list for a short time, but haven't introduced
myself because I have been away on a business trip right after I joined. 

I go by the trail name of "Illinois Flatlander" for the obvious reasons.
There is just not a good way to get into condition around here, so I seldom
do more than put in a lot of walking.  My husband and I are  section hikers.
 We have hiked from Springer Mt. to 15 miles south of Damascus VA.  They only
section I have missed is the northern half of the Smokies, which we want to
go back and finish during an off season for for tourists and thru-hikers.

We ended up short of getting to Damascus last Fall because our dog got sore
feet from the dried leaves and just not being used to rough terrain.  Our dog
doesn't have a trail name...yet!  Her real name is Cracker Jack Chance, or
Chance for short (a Jack Russell Terrier).  So this year we are looking for a
short shuttle ride from Damascus back to where we left off (Hwy 421?  That's
what sticks in my mind.)  Then we will need a shuttle ride north of Damascus
about 40 miles up the trail after we complete the 1 day hike into Damascus.
 Anyone have any friends in Damascus that want to shuttle? 

The ATC puts out a list of people that provide shuttles and I have always
used it in combination with any ads in their magazine.  It has always worked
out real good.  My favorite shuttle driver has been a guy and his wife from
Hampton TN.  If anyone wants his name, just e-mail me at "IL Fltlndr@aol.com"
or post it.

The AT sure gets into your blood!  We spend every vacation on the trail and
people here think we are nuts to "work" during our vacation.  The other thing
that they NEVER would do is give up their conveniences (toilet, bed, warmth,
etc.). They just shake their head at me.  My husband & I are in our
mid-forties, so laying on the ground isn't always the most fun, but I
wouldn't give up the experience for anything!  Every time we hike I think we
change a little bit.  We are reminded of how little we really need in life to
be happy.  We are drawn closer to nature and to God.  It is just SO GREAT!!!

I sure am enjoying this mailing list.  There are so many people that I want
to answer, but I am still trying to figure out how the darn thing works.  I
may be sending this to the wrong address!  How do I answer a particular
person?  It's just all Greek to me.

So long!               ------Alice